*Resource* – First Contact Practitioners (FCP) Roadmap Supervision Training

The role of a Roadmap Supervisor comes with the responsibility of undertaking workplace-based assessments (within your own scope of practice) and verifying evidence of knowledge, skills, and capability in day-to-day practice.


When is it available?

Details of available training dates can be found here

If you would like to register or have any queries, please contact primarycareschoolyh@hee.nhs.uk


What’s involved?

Details of the training and who it is suitable for can also be found here


Further Information

A new video that offers voluntary top up training to GPs who have already trained as educational supervisors is now available on Health Education England’s E-learning for Healthcare Hub. For more information and to access the video, please click here

A CQC Primary Care FCPs Mythbuster can be found here


How can I find out more?

Email – primarycareschoolyh@hee.nhs.uk

Or click on the button below